Tips for Total Cardiovascular Health

Tips for Total Cardiovascular Health

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Eat a whole foods, high-fiber diet including lots

of colorful fruits and veggies, which contain heart-healthy

flavonoids. These micronutrients—found only in plants—act

as blood thinners and antioxidants that protect blood

cells from disease. Flavonoids also help prevent blood

clots, says John D. Folts, PhD, professor of medicine

at the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison.

Get plenty of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Eat two

servings per week of cold water fish such as salmon,

sardines or bluefish. Vegetarians should take flax

seed oil or ground flax seed.

Reduce your intake of carbohydrates! Carbohydrates,

especially sugars and starchy food, convert to glucose

rapidly, triggering increases in insulin levels. Not

only will it make you fat but insulin is highly atherogenic

(causes atherosclerosis). So reduce your carbohydrate

intake and/or take Carbo Defense from Health Freedom

Get out and exercise! Walk five or six days a week.

It’ll help keep your metabolism higher—good for weight

control—than if you walk less frequently. If the weather

is bad, go to a mall. Or take the stairs instead of

the elevator. Park several blocks away from your destination.

Bike, play tennis, dance, hike—anything that keeps

Supercharge your diet with a good multivitamin/mineral

Practice a stress reduction technique such as yoga

Cut down on alcohol or eliminate it completely from

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