Food That Help You Lose Your Weight

Food That Help You Lose Your Weight

People spend a lot of money on weightloss products That most of the time do not even work. A much better way to achieve good results to stay healthy and slim is to go to the grocery and shop.

There are foods that can help you keep hunger at bay for a reasonable amount of time, help you fight your sweet tooth and help boost your metabolism naturally. To put it simply, there are foods that can help you shed those extra pounds while keeping you healthy.

Get yourself some of that green tea. Green tea contains “catechins” which are antioxidants that help your metabolism gain some speed and help you burn the fat. An added plus is that green tea will help you lower your bad cholesterol (LDL)

Go grab some beans. Beans contain “cholecystokinin” (whew! A mouthful). That substance is actually a digestive hormone that helps you keep hunger at bay. It is nature’s appetite suppressant. You’ve probably never heard of cholecystokinin, but it’s one of your best weight-loss pals. This digestive hormone is a natural appetite suppressant. Another great thing about beans is that they help balance your body’s blood sugar levels so you keep hunger further away. The high fiber in beans also lowers your bad cholesterol levels.

Pick-up those eggs. Instead of toast or a bagel or cereal, try having eggs for breakfast. Eggs make you feel fuller for longer and they are also rich in protein.

4. Grab some salad. The best way to avoid eating a massive meal is to start off with a large salad (the kind with no creamy or heavy dressing). Having a large salad will make you less likely to have a huge serving of the main course afterwards. This is because you will feel too full to gorge on more food. And the fact that the salad is low on calories, you won’t gain the hefty pounds.

Slurp some soup. The simplest of soups can give you that filled-up feeling. Soup blunts your appetite and if you have some before a meal, you will not be gorging yourself.

Stay lean. The best dinner you could have if you are on your way to being forever slim is lean meats. Lean protein contains amino acids called leucine which helps you shed some unwanted weight.

Pick up some pears. Pears have lots of fiber which helps you keep those hunger pangs away. Apples do that too.

Dress up with olive oil. Olive oil is monounsaturated fat that will help you burn some calories. You can use it as salad dressing, oil for when you sauté, bread dip or an add on to your morning muesli

Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon. You can use it to sprinkle your toast or oatmeal. You can even use it as a sweetener.

Get some juice. Grapefruit juice contains phytochemicals that reduce your level of insulin and that will allow your body to turn calories into energy rather than fat.

Throw in from tofu. Tofu is a treasure trove of protein which helps keep you feeling full. You can use tofu best as an appetizer so that you will tend to eat less of the main meal than you normally would.

Get some tangy vinegar. People who dip their breads in vinegar will feel fuller because of the acetic acid. It slows down the journey of food from the tummy to the small intestines.