Proteins are essential for our growth

Proteins are essential for our growth

Proteins are essential for our growth and development of our body. As our age increases our body grows.

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During this growth process our organs and cell also increase their size to perform the body function effectively. Proteins help the cells to grow and develop to suit the requirement of the function assigned to them.

Proteins are also required for repairing the wear and tear in tissues and cells of the body. So, diet of an individual should contain balanced amount of protein content to ensure healthy functioning of the body system.

When there is a deficiency of proteins in body, whole mount of protein present in body is consumed in carrying out the routine functions of the body leaving nothing for building of muscles. Protein deficiency also affects the immunity system of the body adversely.

So to make up for the protein deficiency in body one needs to a have high protein diet. Food supplements which contain high protein content are green vegetables, egg and soybeans. But often due to lack of knowledge about protein content in food stuff this becomes quite impossible. So in such cases protein supplements are helpful. Consumption of protein supplement along with the daily natural diet one can enhance the process of body building process.

Egg is extremely rich in protein and takes about 1.5 to 3 hours to digest. But for people who follow a vegetarian diet soy protein is best option. Apart from these casein products can also be used which are taken at the bed time. These casein products are often heavy to digest and so blended protein supplements are best option if one wishes to go for artificial protein supplements. These supplements are mixture of protein required by the body. This mixture is appropriately balanced so they are easy to digest.