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And let’s medical treatment with wine? »  Union Health

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And let’s medical treatment with wine?

The doctors managed to establish that the wine grape is responsible for the health of the French nation. Studies have shown that it is not just pleasant to the taste of grape drink. This solar berry nature gave a mass of organic substances capable of regulating blood pressure, help with inflammation, regulate cholesterol levels, protect against heart attack, stroke, retard the growth of tumors and even suppress the herpes virus and polio. These substances are called polyphenols. And in the wine they get from bones and skins of grapes. One group of polyphenols strengthens the elasticity of blood vessels, improves the system of capillaries, lowering the risk of internal bleeding. Other – does not destroy the collagen, the main substance of which we construct our vessels, skin and tissue.

One of the most healthful varieties of wine – Cahors, yet it has long been considered the church a drink. That it must drink the parishioners, taking the sacrament. And despite the fact that all the drink and one dish, no one has ever received any intestinal infections. This is a wonderful grape wine made with additives of various herbs, detoxifies many harmful elements in the body, as well as E. coli and Vibrio cholerae.

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